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“I genuinely appreciated discussing issues with an experienced and balanced coach, and learning from your ability to listen, challenge and suggest when I needed it. I feel significantly more positive and confident now than when we first met.” European CFO, energy sector

Are you thinking about how to achieve your goals?

We are.

Put simply, our goals align with yours. We support senior executives to achieve their desired results for the business. We work with leaders who face a sticking point, who seek clarity or need to manage transition. And we act as a positive catalyst for change – to inspire and challenge you to manage your most pressing issues and to develop your leadership capability.

Most of all, we create a reflective space for our clients to think deeply for themselves. It’s a space where you can explore strategies, align personal goals to business objectives – and turn your vision into action.

Coaching is collaborative. At odysseymentor, we bring challenge, empathy and trust to the table. Our business coaches have a depth of experience working with international leaders and their complicated agendas – in the entrepreneurial sector, with SMEs and wide-ranging global companies. All our work comes by referral.

We share all this, so you can be at your best in a fast-changing business environment. Our coaching style – an energising mix of focus and fun – helps you to develop resilience, deal more effectively with increasing commercial complexity, and manage relationships across your organisation. With that will come a sense of personal fulfilment and satisfaction. You will know that you have reached the goals you set for yourself and your company and – the bottom line – that you have achieved improved business performance.

Client profile
Gousto turned five years old in April 2017. At the end of that month, it was named as one of the UK's most exciting fast-growing companies in City AM's Leap 100 2017. It’s been an incredible journey for the UK’s leading recipe box company and for Gousto’s founder, Timo Boldt. Cambridge graduate Timo turned his passion for entrepreneurship and food into a business when he started packing-up fresh ingredients and recipe cards in his own kitchen, to send to the first customers.

In 2015, Gousto tripled its staff headcount to 150 and recruited a powerful board. This brought some big challenges around team and director communication for Timo as CEO. “Amanda helped me to tackle problems head-on, by being a sounding board and giving me the tools to understand difficult situations better,” he says... read more

34% of Boards disagree on strategy, vision and purpose. 66% of Board members are unwilling to confront differences of opinion – and so are willing to allow the organisation to fail rather than risk their own status in addressing the problems. This insight from Andrew Kakabadse www.kakabadse.com was quoted at a recent business masterclass on neuroscience and behaviour change. The Professor of Governance and Strategic Leadership at Henley Business School presumably draws on the major global study of boardroom effectiveness he is currently conducting, with buy-in from a series of governments including the UK... read more

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