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“It’s amazing what can happen in 18 months.·Mostly because of you.·I cannot thank you enough for helping me to move on.”

odysseymentor also supports people at different stages in their career pathway, helping them to consider how best to make their next move. Bertie is one such client: a young man, stuck and wanting to re-assess his initial career choice in international, high profile sport, unhappy at work and unable to see a positive future. His current role gave him no proper leadership, nor the opportunity to stretch and grow. He needed to find purpose and meaning and to pursue an entirely new career path.

First step was a download with Amanda, to share his worries and frustrations. What followed over several more sessions was a candid review of his interests, desires and options – plus his personal brand and impact. It all helped to raise self-awareness and encouraged him to create a vision.

“Amanda helped me to develop a life plan that involved improving my communication and networking skills, redrafting my CV and starting to implement a step-by-step process. Our work together gave me more confidence plus the courage and confidence to change direction. With a reinvigorated clarity of purpose, I identified my new career sector, found my niche – in teaching – and am now continually learning and being stretched. I am happy!”

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