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Career coaching to encourage a new generation of business leaders fits neatly within the odysseymentor portfolio. John was already time limited in his last year at university, juggling dissertation, lectures and Finals revision. As he started to apply for graduate trainee roles, he recognised that his work experience and CV to date were far from a perfect fit. He needed to clarify his offer and his brand, and especially wanted to feel more confident in selling himself at interview.

In a first discussion with Amanda, he shared that he needed to be enthused and motivated whilst applying for roles, and to develop techniques to improve his skillset in tackling both aural and written interview questions.

First step in the coaching was an indepth review of John’s CV. That was followed by guidance on how to answer questions and present himself effectively, in online interviews and face to face. Together, they identified relevant transferable skills and built a credible and succinct story to tell. They also reviewed contacts and worked through effective ways to make those links. Amanda encouraged him to explore his options and to research more extensively, in order to demonstrate genuine interest in the market for which he was applying.

With improved confidence and a more appropriate communication style, he felt increasingly capable and self-reliant in how to approach the job market. In the face of fierce competition, within three months John had been offered a summer internship with one firm and a 12-month contract with another (1,093 applications for six places), both in his preferred sector – asset management.

“You have nudged and coaxed me in all the right directions,” he shared with Amanda, “and I feel incomparably more confident than I did a few months ago. In feedback, my new employer cited my ability to speak clearly and get my points effectively across – very much the skills that we have been working on – and the process was genuinely very enjoyable! None of this would have been possible without your guidance – I feel about 15x the man I did when we started working together.”

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