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A leading city firm wanted to leverage even more value from its key strategic thinker, to build profile and improve his brand ready for the next more senior role. In their coaching sessions, Amanda’s task has been to hold his feet to the fire by encouraging him to share thinking, to communicate more effectively across the international operation and to take action earlier – so that problems don’t get out of hand. This meant asking him to reflect on the impact of his preferred behaviours and to consider and change how others perceived him as a leader. She was pushing at an open door, he admits: “I was aware that my thinking style didn’t always help me in my approach to problems and challenges!”

The client especially valued the external perspective Amanda provided around how to approach problems and challenges – plus her insightful questions and the time to consider key issues. He felt especially supported by the prepared notes she sent in advance of each meeting – reminding what they planned to cover next – which ensured that they built on previous sessions and that there was continuity between them. Value for the business came through his enhanced external perspective, greater confidence and motivation, and a tighter focus on his contribution to the firm.

“This coaching experience gave me more confidence in my own impact and influence and a broader perspective on key business challenges and career decisions,” he says. “With that came a clear prioritisation of how I want to approach my career and contribution to the firm. Amanda introduced me to techniques and ideas that have resulted in improved and more regular communication with my colleagues, and which help me to make choices and decisions moving forward.”

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