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“The results have been clear. Our business has grown and become more profitable. I have better staff retention and the team pulls together. People are happy in their work, feel valued and are eager to contribute. Senior Partner, professional services firm

What clients say

Leadership development
“This coaching experience gave me more confidence in my own impact and influence and a broader perspective on key business challenges and career decisions.”


Adapting leadership styles
“Amanda encouraged me to develop my communication skills and to learn new behaviours. She helped me to recognise that I needed to listen and respond to others’ opinions in ways I had not done before – and introduced me to the tricks and techniques to do that.”


Building confidence
“I feel empowered, less reactive and much more confident, with the tools to be more robust in conversations with difficult people. I am in a much better place and can protect myself more.” read more...


Legacy thinking
“Yet again, Amanda is asking me the right questions to help change my behaviours, and encouraging me to start acting as if I am already a consultant to the firm and to shift mindsets. She is helping me to take a step back and to consider my legacy.”


Resilience vs bullying
“I now have the confidence to play to my strengths and to call out bad behaviour when necessary. All of this makes me a far more effective team member. As such, I feel properly respected for the different perspectives, the technical ability and the added value I bring to the company.” read more...


Career coaching
"Amanda helped me to develop a life plan that involved improving my communication and networking skills, redrafting my CV and starting to implement a step-by-step process. Our work together gave me more confidence plus the courage to change direction.”


Graduate career paths
“You have nudged and coaxed me in all the right directions and I feel incomparably more confident than I did a few months ago. My new employer cited my ability to speak clearly and get my points effectively across – very much the skills that we have been working on.”

Sceptical coachee
“I left each session clear about the things that I needed to think about and get done, in order to move forward: it was a very satisfying experience.” read more...


Strategic thinking
“The USP is her ability to encourage her clients to identify, structure and then execute outcomes and solutions.” read more...


Role planning
“Amanda has done a fantastic job helping me to stand back from the issues and think about ways forward in a positive manner, and bring clarity to a sometime chaotic thought process.” read more...


CEO support
“Communication is now more open and effective across the management team and companywide. The coaching process also enabled us to take commercial decisions that saved the company money and increased our productivity.” read more...


Charity challenges
“Absolutely life changing. Those are the three words used by a senior manager working in a small niche charity – supporting some of the most chaotic young adults in our society – to describe her coaching experience with Amanda.” read more...


International fast track
“She has turned my coaching experience into an insightful self-reflection process – and made me a better manager, with enhanced levels of self-understanding and monitoring.” read more...


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