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“The results have been clear. Our business has grown and become more profitable. I have better staff retention and the team pulls together. People are happy in their work, feel valued and are eager to contribute. Senior Partner, professional services firm

What clients say

“Amanda helped me to tackle problems head-on, by being a sounding board and giving me the tools to understand difficult situations better,” read more

“She has also helped me to deal with specific management issues – difficult conversations mostly. That has been invaluable: I have grown as a professional and, to some extent, as a person too.” read more

“Over the last four years this trading division has seen the largest turnover growth in the firm … This is, in no small measure, thanks to the personal development and growth that Sophie’s coaching has brought about within me.” read more

“I spoke at some length with a colleague today, who was highly complimentary about ‘a lady who's helped me advance my career in a way you wouldn't believe’.” read more

“Her coaching style – active listening, reframing of statements and the use of silence to hold the space for my processing – was immensely helpful to me.” read more

“I left each session clear about the things that I needed to think about and get done, in order to move forward: it was a very satisfying experience.” read more

“Sophie’s coaching has had a transformational impact on my working life. I sought coaching because I was deeply unhappy in my career.” read more

“The USP is her ability to encourage her clients to identify, structure and then execute outcomes and solutions for themselves.” read more

“Amanda has done a fantastic job helping me to stand back from the issues and think about ways forward in a positive manner, and bring clarity to a sometime chaotic thought process.” read more

“She has been instrumental in helping me with my personal style, leadership and influencing skills – both in my day to day work, and also taking me through the processes of becoming a partner.” read more

“Sophie has helped challenge scepticism and changed the perceptions of the role of development coaching in our business. In my own division we have reaped the rewards by” read more

“The coaching process also enabled us to take commercial decisions that saved the company money and increased our productivity.” read more

“Absolutely life changing. Those are the three words used by a senior manager working in a small niche charity – supporting some of the most chaotic young adults in our society – to describe her coaching experience with Amanda.” read more

“She has turned my coaching experience into an insightful self-reflection process – and made me a better manager, with enhanced levels of self-understanding and monitoring.” read more


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