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“I left each session clear about the things that I needed to think about and get done, in order to move forward: it was a very satisfying experience. I have realised that what could well have taken me years to clarify and decide on has been accomplished in a matter of months. Partner, Textyle International, Belgium

Working with you

I want to be sure that my expertise and coaching style work for you. So I set up an initial briefing meeting between us (no fee).·Our objective is to find out if we like each other, can we work together and am I the best person to support you.

If you believe that the all-important chemistry exists between us, then together we decide what the coaching will achieve for you. And we put together a programme with timings that suit your diary. Meetings are face to face (in non Covid times), but can also be by ’phone, online or a mix – whichever works best for you.

How will you know that time (and money) with odysseymentor is well spent? Early on, and collaboratively, we establish measurable coaching objectives for you, in line with your business and your personal needs. At every stage, there is an opportunity for us to review your progress and how our client-coach relationship is working.

My focus is on allowing you time to think for yourself. I will support you to address underlying issues and challenges – and to determine how you manage them in the most effective way. And I can help you to discover your signature strengths as a leader. All this will give you a greater sense of confidence and resilience, achievement and satisfaction (those ‘aha’ moments) as you find yourself moving towards your goals.·

My aim is to make myself redundant. When I know you have succeeded, then I have, too.

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