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Charity challenges

“Absolutely life changing.” Those are the three words used by a senior manager working in a small niche charity – supporting some of the most chaotic young adults in our society – to describe her coaching experience with Amanda. “Life changing because I was able to just be and to focus on myself – to enter into a dialogue with someone who was there to help and support me. I had never had that experience before.” 

Essentially, this overstretched executive was holding together the entire organisation, whilst increasingly feeling disrespected and used. Her working life was made untenable and exceedingly stressful by an inspiring but very challenging founder/CEO – although the charity’s trustee board recognised that she provided incredible value and skills.

“I went into the coaching with no set objectives – just the question ‘How do I deal with this difficult work situation?’ At each session with Amanda, over several months, things really came into focus for me; I came to a new realisation and set new objectives – it was enlightening. I trusted her immediately and implicitly: she made me feel very safe and provided me with the vehicle to come up with my own answers in a way that crystalised my thinking and was immensely empowering. Around that she also offered very useful ideas: she wasn’t telling me what to do, but making me face-up to the reality of the situation.”

Senior manager, charitable sector

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