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Adapting leadership styles

Coaching across international borders, odysseymentor was commissioned to work with a focused, highly capable can-do quango leader operating under pressure in a Middle Eastern war zone. Despite showing extraordinary resilience on the ground, she was struggling with imposed bureaucracy and with the need to adapt her uncompromising leadership style to meet situational need.

In a series of virtual coaching sessions, Amanda enabled Heather to recognise the impact that her overplay of strengths and leadership style had on others. Next, they considered different strategies, tools and approaches that transformed her relationship with colleagues.

“Amanda encouraged me to develop my communication skills and to learn new behaviours. Most importantly, she helped me to recognise that I needed to listen and respond to others’ opinions in ways I had not done before – and she introduced me to the tricks and techniques to do that. The coaching experience has been game changing for me, both in how I approach the work environment and in adapting my own personal style towards colleagues.”

With all that have come more ideas for developing and managing her people, cascading ideas and techniques through the teams. In turn, this supports the patients and ensures that her key aim of providing better service to ensure quality care is being delivered. And this case study, she confirms: “really summarises my journey with your support to move from that rather fragile, chaotic manager to an ambitious and effective leader.”

UK quango leader, on international placement

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