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Legacy thinking

Amanda’s initial coaching sessions with this client helped him to devise practical ways of building team solidarity and creating a shared sense of purpose. The result was enhanced staff wellbeing and retention, leading to business growth and improved profitability.

“Amanda listens carefully, and then asks the searching/incisive questions that enable you to draw out the answers from your own experience. The interaction works because it is based on that experience. It is not magic – you get out of it what you put in – but she provides just the right framework for you to do that.”·

Fast forward to 2021 and Chapter Two. Amanda is back, working in a three-way coaching dialogue alongside the business and this senior partner around legacy thinking, succession planning and how best to leverage his UK-leading profile. She is supporting him to prepare for ‘retirement’ several years down the line and to achieve clarity around the needs of the business.

All this has seen Amanda introducing tools and techniques that will help to prepare the firm, the partner and his team for a major impact/transition and a change in behaviours, to capture his high profile wisdom in the sector, break down internal silos, spread the learning and keep on training the next generation. The aim is to achieve a major win/win– what is best for the business is best for the individual.

“Yet again, Amanda is asking me the right questions to help change my behaviours, and encouraging me to start acting as if I am already a consultant to the firm and to shift mindsets. She is helping me to take a step back and to consider my legacy. How do I see the next 10 years of my life and how can I move seamlessly into full-time consultancy mode when the time comes? Our interactions continue to be invaluable in enabling me to grow as a professional and, to some extent, as a person too.”·

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