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Resilience vs bullying

This young female executive working in the construction industry was suffering from stress as a result of the toxic behaviour and bullying in a male dominated environment. Although part of the highest fee earning team in the company, she was struggling to get her voice heard and to manage upwards. Above all, she needed support to build personal resilience.

odysseymentor worked with Lindsay to help develop her personal brand and leadership behaviours and so improve her impact within the team and across the company. This coaching allowed her to consider her potential options and to explore business development opportunities and techniques.

“Amanda created a safe space for me, within which I could address the issue of imposter syndrome and my overplay of perfectionism. She introduced techniques that gave me greater self-awareness and increased understanding of both my own role in the team and impact on others. The techniques we practised around having difficult conversations with colleagues really helped improve my assertiveness. And all of this actually brought the other party’s bad behaviours into the open – with the result that I got both company and senior team support and felt more secure in my role.”

Lindsay acknowledges that she is now far more comfortable having difficult conversations, and understands that in reality her stress was not about her own behaviours but about her colleague and his personal issues. Increasingly calm and resilient, her improved mental wellbeing equates to fewer days off work.

“I now have the confidence to play to my strengths and to call out bad behaviour when necessary. All of this makes me a far more effective team member. As such, I feel properly respected for the different perspectives, the technical ability and the added value I bring to the company.”

Middle ranking executive, construction industry

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