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Sophie Turner, odysseymentor Associate

Sophie Turner joined odysseymentor as an Associate in 2016 – her coaching role combines an extensive corporate background in strategy, change management and leadership development with intellectual rigour and emotional intelligence.

She is recognised especially for her energy and insightfulness in the development of senior individuals and teams in professional firms, and has been described as ‘a high energy, high impact, goal-orientated business coach’.

In particular, she coaches those individuals who seek inspiration and focus, and who relish the opportunity to do some great thinking about the changes they need to make in order to be an effective leader.

Sophie’s own highly successful business background includes over 10 years as Head of Learning and Organisational Development for two global law firms – and the implementation of a global partner coaching programme that has run now for more than a decade.

When she is not busy with her PhD in Business Coaching, Sophie is an enthusiastic participant in the world of arts, and loves to travel and experience different cultures.

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