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“Sophie’s coaching has had a transformational impact on my working life. I sought coaching because I was deeply unhappy in my career and felt that this was leaking into my wider life – I wanted to address the feelings and choices that were driving that unhappiness. Over the last three years she has helped me to address long held issues, make much more rewarding choices from a well-informed position, confront challenges with greater confidence and self-assurance, and deal with disappointments/ disagreements in a much less self-destructive way.

My reputation within the business and day-to-day experience has been transformed – my behaviours, communication and interaction with colleagues are now held up as an example of a high performing partner. My opinion is sought by senior management and I play a role in strategic interaction with the board and at executive level. Very little, if any, of this could have been achieved without Sophie’s support and encouragement, often in the way she challenged my behaviours, mis and pre-conceptions and my beliefs.”

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