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“My coaching with Amanda was extremely productive: no time was wasted or superfluous. I left each session clear about the things that I needed to think about and get done, in order to move forward: it was a very satisfying experience. We covered a lot of ground – considering work goals and important next steps, new business challenges, life outside of work with family and friends, and educational and non-executive director goals.

And thanks to Amanda, I learnt that coaching can be great! I admit I was sceptical – I’d had a poor experience with a previous coach. But now I have realised that what could well have taken me years to clarify and decide on has been accomplished in a matter of months. The sessions were quite draining, in that they were very intense – but this is what I liked most about them! Beyond the first session, I understood that I needed to plan a short break after each one, in order to let things sink in and relax a little.

I’ve also learnt how vital it is to take some time out from the day-to-day craziness of life and to focus on my own thoughts, goals and challenges, instead of just getting carried along with the current. Having Amanda as a coach – organised, flexible, responsive to my requests – has cleared my mind and helped me to a) realise what the important things are and b) focus on them by eliminating the rest from my mind.

Going forward, I plan to think about myself and my life in a strategic fashion, not in an opportunistic or reactionary way. I will use this experience to ask myself at each turn of events: ‘Is this what I want from this? If not, what and how would I change it?’”

Rina Einy Margulies, Partner, Textyle, Belgium

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