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odysseymentor started to work with this senior partner in a professional services firm at a critical time for him. Business was growing fast, but his staff were demotivated and two important team members had resigned. Amanda helped him to devise practical ways of building team solidarity and creating a shared sense of purpose.

“Her skill was getting me to put myself in their position, in order to understand how to value their qualities and get the most from them. Empathy was key to that, and Amanda taught me useful techniques tailored to the particular characteristics of each employee. The results have been clear. Our business has grown and become more profitable. I have better staff retention and the team pulls together. People are happy in their work, feel valued and are eager to contribute.

Amanda listens carefully, and then asks the questions that enable you to draw out the answers from your own experience. The interaction works because it is based on that experience. It is not magic – you get out of it what you put in – but she provides just the right framework for you to do that.

She has also helped me to deal with specific management issues – difficult conversations mostly. That has been invaluable: I have grown as a professional and, to some extent, as a person too.”

Senior Partner, professional services firm

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