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The USP is her ability to encourage her clients to identify, structure and then execute outcomes and solutions for themselves... read on

“She has turned my coaching experience into an insightful self-reflection process – and made me a better manager, with enhanced levels of self-understanding and monitoring... read on

Amanda helped me to tackle problems head-on, by being a sounding board and giving me the tools to understand difficult situations better... read on

I genuinely appreciated discussing issues with an experienced and balanced coach, and learning from your ability to listen, challenge and suggest when I needed it… read on

Amanda has done a fantastic job helping me to stand back from the issues and think about ways forward in a positive manner, and bring clarity to a sometime chaotic thought process... read on

I spoke at some length with a colleague today, who was highly complementary about ‘a lady who's helped me advance my career in a way you wouldn't believe’... read on

I left each session clear about the things that I needed to think about and get done, in order to move forward: it was a very satisfying experience... read on

My first session with Amanda was the most inspiring, insightful and constructive meeting I have ever had... read on

Her skill was getting me to put myself in their position, in order to understand how to value their qualities and get the most from them... read on

You have helped me to see the main issues, clearing the wood from the trees and finding a path through some demanding challenges... read on

I found my sessions with Amanda extremely useful; she is a superb coach, calm and encouraging... read on

Thrust into a family business in unexpected circumstances, my life had become chaotic. Amanda gave me focus and guided me through this difficult time... read on

At the point in her career where she was looking to increase her profile in the industry and considering whether to go for promotion... read on

She improved my confidence and gave me tools that I used to build my business. Without doubt, she has been responsible for the recent progress of my company... read on

The coaching process also enabled us to take commercial decisions that saved the company money and increased our productivity... read on


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“Amanda listens carefully and then
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